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AHU  The Air Handling Unit Company

AHU are a supplier of custom (Bespoke) and standard Air Handling Units.

AHU with EC brushles motor plug fan.

EC, brushless motor plug fans, are becoming more popular in air handling systems, the range of duties they can do is increasing, at the same time the cost is reducing,.

For clients who still prefer standard plug fan and motors, or belt driven fans, we can still offer this type of design.

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Air handling unit incorporating heat recovery thermal wheel, and inverter controlled heat pump system, with condenser coil situated in the return air after the wheel.

Heat recovery packaged units.

When looking for full air-conditioning and there is no chilled water available, DX is the alternative form of cooling, this requires additionally to the air handling unit cooling coil, a separate condensing unit and interconnecting refrigerant pipework.

 Part of our range of standard air handling units utilises a design which incorporates all these items into one complete packaged unit, with its own “plug and play” control system. The return air section of the unit houses the condenser coil thereby utilising extract air from the space to provide the heat rejection part of the DX cycle.

These units also incorporate heat pump technology as well as either thermal wheels or plate heat exchanges for even more energy saving.

In most situations additional heating is not necessary; however optional heaters are available if required.

Units with or without EC fan technology are also available.

We do also offer these units with inverter compressors, for more information on this technology read on....

Heat recovery packaged units.

This example is a unit with a plate heat exchanger, ec fans, dx heat pump cooling and heating with condenser coil housed in the return air of the unit.

Air handling unit incorporating heat recovery, heat pump cooling and heating and standard plug type fans.

Today efficiency and thereby reducing of energy consumption and operating costs, are of vital importance, it is with this as our objective that we offer units with the latest technology available.